Impact Distribution Laboratory Form

The Impact Distribution Laboratory is a two-day program of activities, aimed at filmmakers who want to position their films beyond the screens and work on the real impacts of the topics discussed with members of civil society. It consists of two sessions that will be carried out through zoom with a quota of up to 35 participants. The activity will take place on July 10 and 17.

Registrations are open

The Laboratory will be in Portuguese-Spanish (Portuñol) and there will be no translation, it is a requirement to participate to understand Portuñol.

Personal information

Maximum upload size: 10MB
Minimum resolution: 3x3cm, 300 dpi. 10 MB maximum.
maximum 450 characters including spaces

The information should be in the following order:

1) First name and surname (country of birth, year of birth (optional))
2) Occupation and/or current position
3) Previous experience
4) Productions (please list in chronological order)
5) Prizes/awards
6) Studies/qualifications

Please consider:

* The CV should be written in the third person.

* Current information should be in the present tense and past information in the past tense.

* Do not use the present for the past.
For example: In 2006, the Bafici Festival holds a retrospective of all his work in the Foco space.
Instead, you should say: In 2006, the Bacifi Festival held a retrospective of all his work in the Foco space.

* When works are included, the date of production should be given in brackets.

See examples

Information that is not supplied in compliance with these guidelines will be corrected by the organization, and the author shall have no right of complaint.


maximum 450 characters including spaces